Brisbane to Host ‘Jeopardy’ Climate Action Game Night March 18th

South San Francisco, CA   February 23, 2020 Submitted by Michele Salmon, Brisbane Ecology/Sustainability Leader

Register to play Jeopardy! Global Warming Version with the City of Brisbane’s Open Space and Ecology Committee and Beth Grossman, local Climate Reality Leader, on Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall, Brisbane, CA.

Light dinner served!

CLICK HERE to register now!

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steve m
steve m
2 months ago

how did it go? the al gore / John kerry / greta Thunberg circle jerk .
missed out on it . maybe next year if Brisbane is not under water.
morons the whole bunch.

steve m
steve m
2 months ago

oh my god . even Brisbane has gone woke with climate hysteria/hoax .
now I have seen it all . these people need to get there brains checked.
how stupid. how can Brisbane even have a big carbon footprint? do they
make anything there any more? all industry went to china years ago.
that is where the carbon footprint is if you believe in climate change.
utter nonsense. Beth must have stock in solar panels.