WINNER WINNER – Turkey Dinner: Kristen Michelle Acosta & Justin Guzman Win our South City Grocery Outlet GAME ON

South San Francisco, CA   November 22, 2020

This weekend found us doing an impromptu GAME ON, asking our Facebook followers;

What are some of the little things that have kept you going

during this lifetime of 2020?


We received so many uplifting responses, which we are sharing below. 2020 has seemed a life time to many of us, bringing new challenges daily, and keeping the ole chin up can be difficult at times. A big thank you to those who shared some little things that keep you grateful! Because of the large response to this GAME ON, we have decided to randomly chose TWO winners to receive a $50 gift certificate to South City Grocery Outlet where they can pick up all the fixins for a great THANKSGIVING Dinner!

This whole cart of delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner fixins cost less than $40 at South City Grocery Outlet!!

South City Grocery Outlet where your $$ goes further!



**Justin Guzman:

My daughters. Sometimes the little things are really the biggest things in your life!

Justin Guzman writes:
My daughters. Sometimes the little things are really the biggest things in your life!



**Kristen Michelle Acosta

Being a stay at home momma to 4 kids 9, 7, 3, & 1 years old has been full of emotions and chaos. BUT some things that I’ve kept me from going too crazy has been teaching the three older kids to be more independent. They’ve been learning to help out around the house a lot more. They are learning to do laundry on their own, help clean the house more, help me cook simple meals, and the two older kids have been so helpful helping me take care of the two littler ones.


Also having my momma tribe to face time with together during the week. We all FaceTime together as we get lunches ready for our kids and then we all have lunch together during face time. Along with some shopping getaways with just us moms to get a little break away from home to chit chat and get some sanity.


Thankful for the technology we have no to be able to FaceTime our loved ones that we can’t physically see during this time and for our amazing teachers that have been working so hard to teach our children through a computer. I’ve loved distant learning for my kids and definitely enjoy not having to rush out of the house every morning to make it to school in time or sitting in 30-45mins of traffic each way some days to take the kids to school, or waking my babies up from their naps to make sure I pick the older kids on time from school those little things I’ve been small blessings for me lol




Erwin Andaya

Staying safe and healthy with my family at home. Got laid off last month but having a positive outlook and keeping myself busy with home maintenance & repairs.


Regienation S Tation

Committed to fostering oral healthcare further to our patients and community. When many deem dentistry is an elective health issue, it fuels my passion to educate one person, one family at a time more so during this pandemic. We can’t have our antibodies fighting off some cavity when our body should be ready to fight coronavirus.


Rose Chang Chiu

We are all able to work from home, so that has kept us busy and not thinking about all that’s going on. I’ve been using a personal trainer once a week and now doing workouts through a subscription service online. And scrapbooking… that always keep me sane.


Cynthia Mosqueda

I was fortunate enough to work most of the year, and now that I’m off I am looking into the positive side of things and how I’m finally able to spend the holidays with my family.

I finally returned to school after 3years, started up my crochet shop and have been able to spend more time with my daughter & my boyfriend.


Jo Zemke

Volunteering at the Plymire Schwarz House and figuring out how we can open the Boutique and still observe social distancing to keep our guests and volunteers safe.


Helen Rodriguez

Not having to drive in traffic and rolling out 10 minutes before starting work


Fanny Camota

I am focusing on helping people more. Cooking and eating good food, being outside, limiting social media and news has gotten me through.


Kassy Kitty Arostegui

The little jumping bean growing in my stomach has definitely kept me going and looking forward to the new year ahead


Renee Reudy

I have been working st home for 8 months now taking one day at a time spending àlot of time with my Dog and Cat


Heidi Marie Hermone

I’ve been keeping my sanity by being entertained by my four cats and their antics, watching lots of tv and drinking a lot of Pepsi and flavored water


Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Walking, lots of walking. It helps to have incentive. I have a cell phone walking buddy. She’s in Oakland and has CPOD so we keep it simple. Call each other every morning during the week. We walk and talk. And send pictures of stuff in our neighborhoods. Like this:


Victoria Lau

Keeping in touch with friends via zoom, hobbies, reading, and cooking together!


Shellica Polo

My Family and TIME has kept me going and happy with 2020!


Paul Lee

Being with family and lots of Netflix


Geni Wisnewski

Taught myself how to sew some blankets / quilts makes great gifts to the cancer patients


Vivian Shatara Jisrawi

2020 is definitely a year for the books.. closed on a house, got laid off, shelter in place with 2 small kids, husband is healthcare first responder, taking every precaution to not catch or spread Covid.

I recently started my own baking business making lactation cookies and bites and have finally been keeping myself busy with something to keep my mind off everything else going on in the world, and to be able to give back and help other moms.

So thankful to be spending the holidays safely and healthy.


Michelle Betancourt-Scott

I’ve been doing cross stitch projects like the one pictured as well as binge watching my shows and organizing my kitchen cabinets.


Ana Posada:

This year was tough! My dad tested positive with COVID in September… while I am an essential worker I had to try to be positive for him to get better and not get worse especially with all the financial issues we were having due to him not being to work. Seeing him back on his feet, happy and feeling so much better now is one of the little things that keeps me going Positivity . Also the love we have gotten from family and friends is amazing so great to see some humanity in people after all the craziness thats been occurring!

Rose Chang Chi  to Ana: So glad to hear that he recovered

Ana Posada to Rose Chang Chiu: thank you


Helen Fong:

Being thankful I am alive another day above ground, and not under. Laid off due to COVID but using the extra time to spend quality time with grandsons.

Genie Gee to  Helen Fong: Hey, you have two grandsons? I thought you only had one? Enjoying retirement? I’ll be joining you soon

Helen Fong to  Genie Gee: yeah 2nd one born 11/14.

Genie Gee to  Helen Fong: Congratulations on #2


Brian Payton

My family, friends and positive outlook, attitude has kept me going. Our pets too.


Dominic Jimenez

Starting an instagram page for my baseball cards/collectibles has kept me busy. Got me to organize all of my stuff, photograph everything, etc… And the page has grown pretty well since Covid started, it’s definitely helped keep me distracted/busy


Rose Chang Chiu to Dominic: did you set it up to sell or just for fun? Not looking to buy but just curious. I have a lot of cards too.

Dominic Jimenez to Rose Chang Chiu: Originally just to keep busy and catalog my stuff. Have sold a few things, but mainly still use it just for show and interact with other collectors!


Rachel Light

Trying new recipes!


Ava Marie Romero

Me!! But 2020 has been a crazy journey for me, but I learned so much during the epidemic and it has hit us all. The best things I’ve done is a few competed in the virtual world food championship cook off 2020 from home, taking a brunch of zoom cooking classes from local chefs like kmad and 18reasons in the mission district and I also taught my own series of cooking classes through eventbrite. Also been caring for my neighborhood friend sandy down the street and walking my dog. Even got to speak to a group of kids at the transition to independence fair 2020 best highlight and so much more the one thing I miss is seeing my neighbors, co workers and cooking instructor and contest friends offline and when people gets vaccines in we’ll be one happy family and look forward to many cook offs and sharing my knowledge for food for years to come #GameOn



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Kristen Acosta
3 years ago

Omg! I can’t believe we won! Thank you so much! Re reading my post I probably shouldn’t have written that while the kids were awake and I should have proof read it after as well. ??‍♀️? but thank you again so much??