Letter to Editor: What is COVID Protocol with SSFUSD?

South San Francisco, CA  August 13, 2021 by A Concerned Parent

We just started school on Wednesday, and already an elementary school in the district has had a COVID exposure.

Emails went out to the parents on the second day of school with some level of protocol.

Concerned parents called the district asking what the protocols are for future exposure and possible outbreaks in elementary schools and were told that the schools either will decide what their own policy is on their own or they have to wait for Governor Newsom to tell the district on how to handle an outbreak.

It appears there are no parameters or plans on how to handle a COVID outbreak in schools where most students are not able to distance and are unvaccinated due to their age.

My question to the community is if other parents are also concerned about these elementary school students being exposed to COVID often in schools and if the fact there are no parameters or protocols on how to handle a possible outbreak in a class have been sought or decided by the district.



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