City of South San Francisco Responds to Letter to Editor Regarding Possible Employee Strike

South San Francisco, CA  August 24, 2022 by The City of South San FranciscoCity of South San Francisco logo

NOTE: The City of South San Francisco is responding to the Letter to Editor dated August 23, 2022, to read CLICK HERE


The City of South San Francisco thanks Ms. Pierotti for her work and dedication to her pre-school students.  We are thankful for all our city employees and the exceptional work they perform for our citizens.


We want to let our city workers and residents know that the City and the union that represents our City’s pre-school teachers, AFSCME, are making significant progress in our current negotiations and continue to work hard to reach agreement at the bargaining table.


We value our city staff and that is why the City has proposed a 13 percent raise over the next three years: six percent in the first year, four percent in the second, and three percent in third year. This 13 percent pay increase is in addition to other proposed increases on offer to AFSCME, as well as the $4,800 payment made to each city employee in June in recognition of staff and their contributions throughout the pandemic, during which they also received a three percent pay raise in 2020 and 2021, despite reduced city revenues due to Covid-19.


Our offer to increase pay by 13 percent for AFSCME members is higher than negotiated wage increases taking effect in other cities this year.


South San Francisco recently settled with other employee groups, including its plant workers and public safety managers, on upcoming wage increases in line with our offer to AFSCME. We are committed to treating and paying our AFSCME members fairly and continue to meet and bargain with them in good faith, as we have done with other City unions.


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1 year ago

If there is money ($500 per month?) to give to people who may or may not work, then the people who are hard at work could also use a little help from our friends at city hall.