Southline 28-acre Business Park Moves Ahead at 30 Tanforan Avenue in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  September 19, 2022



As we reported in 2019, a huge development planned for the southern end of South San Francisco, bordering on San Bruno, has won approval from both Cities, and now will be moving forward. Big money is coming in from Lane Partners and Goldman Sachs to fund this development which will consist of more tech and life science campuses to be built in phases, with phase one projected to be completed in 2024. The 2.8 million square feet of office space would be housed in seven buildings, four to six stories high.



With our area already in need of affordable housing, this new development will bring in more workers, many who will have no local place to call home. This has continued to be a concern among those who live locally as Melvin Perry stated in 2019 “Where are you going to house all these workers?”



This sentiment was echoed by Steve65 “We don’t need more commercial space without housing” which was a different view than what MK offered in 2019

“I think this is good, we are in dire need of development in SSF after years of stagnation. This will bring in taxes and jobs long term and will keep this city afloat. Very few people live next to work and there are some apartments being built in the area. The future is condo living in such an expensive real estate market. makes better use of space. As for parking and cars that area has foot access to most things one needs which is rarely a thing in the Bay Area including the only two public transit systems that sprawl the bay. This will help make the area more vibrant, safe and help businesses around the area thrive.”


The area will also see additional changes as the Shops of Tanforan has been sold to investors with plans for housing, retail, and office space on this 44-acre site, as we reported earlier this year. San Bruno Councilmember Marty Medino offered more information on this development at that time regarding the San Bruno General Plan Amendment & Specific Plan {w/ CEQA Analysis Initiating Late 2021/ Early 2022 (subject owner participation) 12 15 15 months Master Planning Process months Project Specific Entitlements months Construction Permit Review’} Medino shared this link HERE with more information for those interested.




Currently in construction mode is the new Safeway at the corner of El Camino Real and Spruce Avenue which recently broke ground after 10 years of a vacant blighted area and the demo of the previous center in March of this year.


Safeway Ground Breaking
Photo: City of SSF


Projected New Safeway at ECR & Spruce


This new 25-acre Southline Development will also provide the communities with $25 million from Lane Partners and Goldman Sachs to be used for a centralized park to be named Southline Commons, which will be open to the public.


San Francisco is showing a 38.1% occupancy rate as of July 2022, with Ted Egan, SF Chief Economist predicting those rates could go up to 50% within the next 2 years. This is something our South City officials need to be mindful of, as we seek to duplicate San Francisco density. However, as of July 2022 San Mateo County as a whole reported only a 9.2% rate. South San Francisco continues to grow R&D, office, and commercial space through out the City.

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Your neighbor
Your neighbor
1 year ago

2 words, fuzzy math. Laced with lies.
Rubber stampers.
’nuff said.
take back your city, hold your nose and sign up next election.
No one’s seat is safe in district elections. The purge is almost complete.
Happy to see the lifers almost gone. It didn’t take long.

Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
1 year ago

While I always hate to engage with paid mercenaries working for a propaganda ministry, I see a few flaws with some of the conjecture included in the aforementioned article. How can adding hundreds of jobs while adding only 183 housing units alleviate the housing shortage? A little simple math would seem to indicate it would exacerbate the problem. As a matter of fact, at the September 14 city council meeting as the council gleefully prepared to unanimously approve this project, Ms. Nicolas mentioned she was pleased that, with this project, SSF would be addressing part of our RHNA obligations. I e-mailed her and the other council members to ask how adding a life science campus and the associated creation of hundreds of new jobs could possibly lower our RHNA obligations considering the negatively skewed ratio of new workers to planned housing? After approximately a week, it appears that our SSF city government chooses to be MIA when faced with this difficult question. Or, maybe the answer is uncomfortable.

Again, the powers that be put forth the tired, false claim that proximity to public transit eliminates the need for cars or parking for those cars. As the demise of the “horseless carriage” is premature, might I say SSF is going even further back by putting the “cart before the horse.” People will still rely on cars well into the future as public transit does not satisfy all needs. This is particularly true when you are talking about Bay Area public transit which is abysmal at best and abysmal at worst. It’s got it covered. People don’t want to lug their groceries on the bus, they may need to drop their kids at daycare, school or other events and heaven forbid, these hard working individuals want to take advantage of the marvels of Northern California by loading up the car for a getaway weekend. They will have cars, just not a place to park them as the developers readily will apply for waivers as their projects are within a half mile proximity of public transit. Not to worry, those homeless cars will find a home as they radiate into surrounding neighborhoods and park in front of your house on the streets you paid to construct and maintain. If it’s any consolation, the developers thank you for your inconvenience while saving them tens of thousands of dollars per parking space.

And, just look at that shiny new Safeway. The community thought this was the “anchor business” for this out sized project but at the September 14 council meeting, Mr. Addiego practically twisted himself into a pretzel in gratitude to the developer for including this grocery store in his project when it just might not be as profitable as other segments of the development. And here you thought development was focused on benefits to SSF residents.

In closing, it was quoted that “we are in dire need of development in SSF after years of stagnation.” Has this person ever visited SSF. All he needs to do is look around the city to see it is being buried with development. He also says we “need taxes and jobs long term” to “keep the city afloat.” SSF has been overrun by development to the point there is no longer room for the residents. Our city coffers should be overflowing with cash unless it has been misspent. Is this person even talking about the correct city?

If you don’t believe my “take” on the attempts by the SSF city government to mislead resident/taxpayers who are being forced to sacrifice their quality of life, just tune into one of the council meetings where you will painfully witness your city officials laugh at us as they act with impunity in approving every project plan put in front of them. And, when I say laugh at us, I mean literally.

steve m
steve m
1 year ago

amen my brother well said !! myself I get too mad and just start swearing. not good.
it’s the Italian in me I guess. these people are complete idiots nothing thought out.
they really think everyone will get on the public transit / bicycle bandwagon
what a mess they have made of our town. stupid SOB’S over built our poor city.
SSF has been flush with money for years no need for new taxes. they only spend it like drunken marxist anyway. or worse yet pocketing it. who the hell knows ?I .would like to see an accounting of what they REALLY spend it on. oversite anyone? most likely on dumb stuff my best guess. take the credit cards away.