Remembering ALL our Children Who Have Suffered with Cancer: Let’s Remember Them by Name

South San Francisco, CA  September 1, 2022

Last evening Jesus Pena and Patricia Watson, parents of Juliana Pena, flipped the switch to light up City Hall in GOLD, as well as ‘Juliana’s lite tree on Sign Hill‘. “Juliana LOVED that tree” Patricia explained to us in 2014 when the tree was first lit up for September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  “She would stand at the window and just stare at that tree, night after night, and would even fall asleep with all the shades up until it turned off at 12:03 am every night.”


The City has continued this tradition at the outpouring of demands made by residents last year, knowing we have lost too many little ones to this horrific disease, and the numbers of kids being diagnosed are increasing! Those children who battle this beast and survive will be forced to deal with side effects the rest of their lives. We live in the midst of one of the largest biotech hubs in the world with South San Francisco being the ‘birthplace of Biotechnology’. We hope one day a cure for these childhood cancers will be found and that these young lives will have a higher value than profits. Currently only 4% of funding goes to childhood cancers. 4%. Hope. Hope is what our lights stand for, and for every child, every family who has had to deal with this journey.


While Juliana’s journey is what struck the match to make our City stand up for these youngsters who cannot stand up for themselves, our lights shine for all of them – and we want to know their names. We want to remember each and every one of them. They all matter.



To that end, please consider adding the name of the child in your circle who has had cancer, last names are not necessary. If you choose, you can also list their age when diagnosed, type of cancer, prognosis and any other comments or memories you might want to share. Photos are also welcomed and can emailed to use HERE.


***We remember Jordan Ponce, who left us on Sept 27, 2020 after fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma


We remember David Maurice who left us at the age of 2 after battling Leukemia


We remember Elena, daughter of South City natives Ashley and Freddy Cosino, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2018

Elena was healthy and happy 5-month old when a high fever revealed every parents worse fear; their baby girl was diagnosed with cancer.


Childhood cancer awareness logo

Download this graphic to use for your social media –


***Below we share words from our FB community in response to our Sept 2022 post remembering Jordan***


Lea Turner



Ben Diao

RIP and condolences to the family.


Denise Andre

May he be in God’s loving arms!


Mirna Solorzano

Amen zdescanse en Paz


Delfina Guardado

Dios Lo tenga en su Santa Gloria el está Disfrutando el Reino de los Cielos


Josephine Santos

Rest in Peace


Heather Burns

Sweet, intelligent young man who always asked the best questions. I was blessed to teach him Science in Third grade.  He was so loved and is terribly missed!


Carolyn Roach Hansen

So very sorry.


Linda Christine

Condolences to the family and friends for the loss of dear soul Jordan!


Anya Valentino

My heart breaks for Jordan Ponce’s family and friends

Cancer is horrible and especially when it comes to children being affected , it is absolutely heartbreaking

Light to you, Jordan , Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven You are one of the brightest stars that shines upon us all.


Gita Wylder

All cancers are horrible but this one is super painful and horrible for any kid to have. So sad, kids in this age group get it & rarely live from it. My heart breaks for his family & friends and all the hearts he touched.


Nuna Mingo

Sending prayers and healing thoughts to the family and friends.


Dulce Lanzarin – Mariona

May he rest in eternal peace


Sidney Orr

I lost a younger brother to leukemia…


Anya Valentino

Sidney Orr really so sad  It is a terrible cancer


Everything South City

Sidney Orr what is your brother’s name, so we might remember him as well?


Anya Valentino

Everything South City his name was David Maurice  He was only 2 yrs old , it was Leukemia , and in the 40’s there was zero chance of survival


Everything South City

We will remember him as well

Heart hugs to you


Colleen McCorkle Howell

Is there a plaque or anything


Anya Valentino

Colleen McCorkle Howell He Is buried in LA


Janet Fuentes

Rest In Peace


May G. Alferez

GIF may contain Anjo, Angel, hdwan, Sparkle, Heart and Halo


Roxanne Harrison

May he rest in Heaven


Silvia Machado



Teresa Jara Padilla

que descanses en paz que el señor lo acoja en su santo seno que estoy segura que así es por el sufrimiento qué pasó y mucha fortaleza asus familia por esta gran pérdida de un jovencito con toda una vida por delante


Catalina Rocha

Nosotros la Familia Ledezma los abrazamos en el nombre de Dios, por el dolor de perder s un jovencito , vivimos lo mismo con nuestro Felix, Ed muy dolorido una pérdida, descansa en Paz pequeño Gran Jordan


Everything South City

Catalina Rocha our heart extends to you and yours on the loss of your sweet one Felix.


Phil Fioresi Sr.

I only knew Jordan for a short time we drafted him on our Little league team. He was a great little guy tried a real gamer. His Viper family remembers him


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[…] Every year the City of South San Francisco remembers and honors the young ones that have had to battle cancer by lighting ‘Juliana’s lite tree’ on Sign Hill and City Hall in GOLD, the color associated with Childhood Cancer.  If you have a child in your circle that you would like remembered, please CLICK HERE. […]