Canepa: ICE policy passes in fight against dog whistle politics (415) 513-9410

South San Francisco, CA  April 25, 2023

April 25, 2023
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Supervisor Canepa’s cell: (415) 513-9410

Canepa: ICE policy passes in fight against dog whistle politics*
Public safety bill approved by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors: Bill supported by leaders in local law enforcement 

DALY CITY – San Mateo County Supervisor David J. Canepa made the following statement today after the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance on second reading Tuesday he sponsored prohibiting county funds from cooperating with the Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency. The ordinance was supported by Sheriff Christina Corpus and cosponsored by Board President Dave Pine. The ordinance passed 4-1 with supervisors Noelia Corzo and Warren Slocum supporting the ordinance.

“This ordinance brings great relief to our immigrant communities who mistrust law enforcement and particularly ICE. Many immigrants don’t report crimes out of fear of being deported and that makes us all less safe,” Canepa said. “We saw today though that some individuals hide behind coded language to vilify immigrants and drum up support from hate groups that have attacked this sanctuary policy. But that dog whistle didn’t work today and our immigrant community can breathe a little easier knowing the county is here to protect them, not harm them.”

The ordinance prohibits all county departments, agencies, governing bodies, representatives and employees from using county funds to cooperate with ICE requests, including providing the agency with an individual’s personal information or access to county facilities, unless agency officials have a warrant signed by a federal judge.

The ordinance does not restrict the local ability to cooperate and assist with  criminal investigations or other enforcement that does not relate to immigration enforcement.

Canepa said today: “This aligns the county with neighboring San Francisco and Santa Clara counties’ sanctuary policies and ensures that our justice system treats immigrants equally.”



dog whistle politics*

a coded message communicated through words or phrases commonly understood by a particular group of people, but not by others.




San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Passes Ordinance Restricting Cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Letter to Editor: Please contact San Mateo County Supervisors on this dangerous ordinance – Undocumented Felons

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1 month ago

Sure, there are some crazies on the extreme right who might hear a “dog whistle.” But most local opponents of this legislation don’t fit that category. Meanwhile Canepa is blowing his own political whistle. It’s more of an air horn. He is signaling that anyone opposed to carve outs for murderers, rapists and child molesters is a racist or a xenophobe. Perhaps he felt the same about voters who handed him a resounding defeat and his run for Congress. Of course that’s not true. I wonder how would this issue would fare if put to a countywide vote?

Last edited 1 month ago by LAB
steve m
steve m
22 days ago
Reply to  LAB

better watch that again . that is not what he said. he did not even know the facts.
repeat offenders numbers. NOTHING. even the liberal channel 7 reporter looked shocked.
mr. canepa does not believe in citizenship.or LEGAL immigration. it is that simple.
it will only get worse people wake up. all our supervisors are incredibly stupid
people with a dangerous ideology. IMPO

Cynthia Marcopulos
Cynthia Marcopulos
1 month ago

Canepa is out of touch with the residents. This was only to make sure those who were convicted of felonious crimes be vetted.

I understand the fear of good families and individuals being scooped up and detained by ICE and I’ve seen it where the good people seeking asylum are detained indefinitely or deported to their country only to risk the dangers of trying to cross the border again with harm and possible death.

r chiss
1 month ago

you are incorrect !!!!! ONLY felons not good families. PEDOPHILES RAPISTS MURDERERS that’s all these felons need to get out of our country…PERIOD otherwise they will repeat their crimes PERIOD

steve m
steve m
1 month ago
Reply to  r chiss

these people will never admit sanctuary city policies are not working.
too many people living in the shadows that are not citizens. why?
because they could not pass the sniff test. came here with problems .
crime drugs rape murder ect. if they are good people . well they need
to do it the right way. period. maybe if that jack hole illegal !
in texas that killed 5 people would be alive today! deported several times
and these super liberal or what ever you want to call these people
turn a blind eye to it. citizenship is not a right it is a privilege
that has to be earned . is it really that hard? seriously.